Born September 6, 1976, and graduated in social communication.

In 1994 began studying Photography and Visual Arts.

Between 96 'and 99' works with important advertising photographers as Eduardo Martí,

Alejandro Kuropatwa, David Sisso (director and photographer of Rolling Stone), and Guido Chouela (Director and photographer of Living magazine) while he's doing internships in agencies as a designer and digital retoucher.

Collaborates with Viva magazine as photography assistant for more than 3 years, whereas teaches lighting courses in Photography School Motivarte.

In 2003, teams up with renowned Photographer Javier Scesc creating study photography and digital retouching "Photographic Eye" and joins the staff as Living magazine photographer. From 2006 to 2008, he created a Photography Studio specializing in digital retouching and advertising. In 2009 begins the treatment agency and digital photography "Cesar Capasso" along with a fixed staff from different areas of advertising in order to provide greater

service for foreign and national agencies.